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I love to write and draw my own comic books. I'm currently brewing plans to start a small indie comic imprint with some friends, and so I hope we can start making some more ambitious projects soon. That means more Transexual Fury, and, well, do you like Zombies?

(We regret that we are no longer taking orders for Transexual Fury #1.)

Transexual Fury Special Summer Camp Issue
Our gendertrash superhero goes to Camp Trans for Summer vacation.
(a paper-and-staple style zine version of this will be available in early August)

Welcome to Sunny Camp Trans
- Or, how I ruin my summer vacations in... well, Michigan. If you don't already know all about this, you wont care much, I think. This is perhaps my most widely read comic, and it now seems terribly primitive to me. Or try the update below...

All Kinds of Women
Here is the 2003 comic about the whole Camp Trans controversy.

Buzz Romeo
that's Mr Dyke to You